Sunday, January 10, 2010

To begin – Joe Simmons is a Convicted felon with history of fraud and scams. His wife Mary O’Brien we believe is a part of his scams and fraudulent acts.

1972: Making a false statement to FDIC bank (2 counts); false financial statement to FDIC bank
1973: False financial statement to FDIC bank; Interstate transfer of money taken by fraud; use of wire in furtherance of scheme to defraud
1974: Writing a bad check and mail fraud
1974: Fugitive of justice
1975: Making a false statement to a bank
1976: Again, making a false statement to a bank
1974: Parole violation
1989: Felony count of issuing a bad check
1993: Equity skimming
1997: grand theft, securities fraud, sale of unregistered securities, sale of securities by an unregistered agent.
2009: fraud/impersonation of his former business partner to obtain credit cards

50+ companies under M. A. O'Brien for asset safe keeping while Joe Simmons is in the background. Mary O'Brien 50+ Inactive Companies, click to view the list

What would he do if they ever got caught? Would he save himself? She is the one on the companies he uses to fraud, con and scam.


Concerned Citizen who cares said...

Why is he not in jail? This man lives in Fraud Friendly Florida. What are the police doing to help the innocent? It seems as though he has gotten away with it so many times by the justice system that he knows the ins and out of the system. I hope no one gets hurt by this old scum-bag.

Anonymous said...

I was scammed by this A-HOLE too in 1997 in a medical investment..he appears to be real untill he gets the money and then he splits..

Anonymous said...

He is trying right now, Oct 2010 to raise money up for a "Veterns Village Development" across the country. Operating out of West Palm Beach.