Saturday, January 16, 2010

Joe Simmons Last Probation Order and Statements from judges and Witnesses of Joe Simmons' criminal activities. He also Pleads to never do this again and that he is sorry.

More like Simmons was sorry that he got caught.

As we researched further on Joe Simmons and information is presented to us, we can not believe he is not in jail. Links are below to read further on his sentences, Probation Order, crimes, etc.

We will post further information as we gather it or submitted to us, please visit and comment on blog. Click on the links below to view court documents. You will be surprised at his plead, then a month later he does it again.

5. Here is a verdict from the above court case on 23 counts!
6. and anything we can find and post so you can present to the authorities to show his con patterns


pissedsis said...

Well he is still at it! He is developing the RV site in Blairsville (or so he says)!Sure wish we had known about this web site before my brother got taken in by him. In these hard times my brother thought he was the answer to his dreams. And so did the people he brought in to work with him. This scum bag should not even be allowed to walk amoung us! I sure hope I'm around to see him get his dues!

man with van London said...

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Anonymous said...

He's trying to buy property in Ga now. Cell phone # is 561-246-0304.
Says he's buying 8-9 million per month!