Saturday, January 9, 2010

Information on Joe Simmons and Mary O’Brien to ensure you are dealing with the same persons and the right information when contacting authorities.

To ensure we are referenceing the same Joe Simmons, let's compare his information for readers to ensure they are dealing with the right Joe Simmons. As you read the following information in this blog, you will instantly know you are dealing with the same person.


Joe Simmons Date of Birth: 03/xx/1927 (we were shocked too that he is still doing this at his age, but do not be fooled - he is not an honorable elderly man – he is a disgraced to elderly people)
Joe Simmons SSN: 254-26-xxxx
Joe Simmons Address: 2770 White Wing Lane, West Palm Beach, FL 33409
Joe Simmons Mobile No: 561-398-6909
Joe Simmons Other Phones: 561-686-7411; 561-420-9438
Joe Simmons Email:
Joe Simmons Wife: Mary O'Brien Simmons (107-42-xxxx)

Mary O’Brien Address: 2770 White Wing Lane, West Palm Beach, FL 33409
Mary O’Brien Mobile No: 561-722-3848
Mary O’Brien Other Phones: 561-686-7411; 561-420-9438

(Previously associated with addresses in: FL, UT, TX, GA, AZ, CA and NV)

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Anonymous said...

I think that this man is a frickin genius, if he actually got people to willingly hand over their hard earned $$$ in hopes for high returns you and all these people who lost out on their $$$ got exactly what they deserve.There are so many conartists out their stealing from "STUPID" people everyday and in this day in age you can't trust anyone especially when it comes to money.Bad business deals happen every single day in this country, the fact that these people just handed over their money without doing background checks or their"duediligence" or anykind of homework is their own fault,you cant tell me that they didnt have any idea when they sighned the dotted line that they were taking a risk.Anyone in this day in age with any brians knows that nothing is ever 100% until the deal goes thru and everyone recieves their returns, there's always a chance that it may not workout or happen and that was the "RISK" that all these people took the minute they signed the dotted line and handed over their money.You probably wouldnt have ever needed to post this blog if you and all the other people had a shred of "COMMON SENSE"