Saturday, January 9, 2010

Other Sources on Joe Simmons, Mary O'Brien and his associates

After doing a little bit of research and online searches we came across many articles where Joe Simmons and Mary Simmons (Mary O’Brien) are mentioned as well as Cordell Funding, Anglo-American Financial, Robin C. Rodriguez, as well as Kennedy Funding. It all appears to be one big team. Please be aware, and if you have comments or further information, please post on this blog. If you feel that you are being defrauded by any of these persons, companies, contact the authorities asap and present your case and evidence. Remember, you have the power to contact your local authorities to have these characters checked out.

Articles to Read:

"Riverfront developer has history of legal problems: Visionary' behind multimillion-dollar local projects reportedly had several run-ins with law"

"The Salt Lake (Utah) Tribune published a story in 1994 about Mr. Simmons when he was called a major player in a $16 billion plan to develop an island in the Bahamas"

A blog on Robin Rodriguez whom Joe Simmons has said is "his partner in business" deals

"Cordell Funding LLLP...Took large upfront refundable fee for a loan, changed the terms of the loan and refused to refund the fee. these guys collect fees and do not do loans as described in commitments."

A blog on the truth about Kennedy Funding, a company Joe Simmons is working for and/or is currently doing business with

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